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Today's Tarot Card: The World (Robin Wood deck)
Words Today: 1,690
Total wordcount: 1,690
Reason For Stopping: Quota, and I have other things to do today.
Mean Things: Nothing particularly mean at this point. Eva and Luke don't see one another.
Darling: Privately, Eva suspected that Mrs. Peterson's perfect coif spent its nights on a foam head in the closet.
Authorial Angst: My laptop wasn't charged.
Music: Soundtracks: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and LotR: FotR.
Books: Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner, The Table-Rappers: The Victorians and the Occult by Someone-or-Other, Worldwire by Elizabeth Bear.
Sustenance: So far today: A double chocolate muffin, mug of vanilla chai, handful of honey-roasted almonds, a handful of Raisinets, a glass of diet Coke and a glass of cherry diet Dr. Pepper. I think that's it.
Mammalian Assistance: The mammals have assisted by behaving themselves and being quiet. Sheila and Garion are in here with me, Cruiser is on his pillow by the front door and Deuce is on her pillow by the red chair in the living room. Last I checked, Nimue and Kethri were upstairs on the bed, and Merlin is roaming. He was in here a bit ago trying to convince me that he needed to be petted -- by wandering around on my desk.

At the slow pace of the opening (necessary for NaNoWriMo word count), I can see where this could easily turn into a novel on its own. So my decision: continue on with this, or draw a new card and start something new tomorrow? I can see the value in either choice.

Also? It is just noon, and I have learned my lesson about writing first and doing housework later.
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